Theories that Resonate

The following is a list of theories that resonate with me. One might consider them as framing my set of beliefs.


  • Fuzzy Set Theory – gradient membership
  • Chaos Theory – strange attractors
  • Fractal Geometry – cyclic feeding of answers back into the same equation; growth
  • Central Limit Theorem – clustering of attribute(s) separated by standard deviations


  • Physics – efficiency and minimum resistance
  • The New Biology – cellular structure and its’ internal activities are the template for complex life; people, communities, cities, nations all have the similar functions as a single cell
  • Integral Theory – four quadrants and hierarchical holons


  • Flow Theory – the interaction of skills and challenges
  • Maslow Hierarchy of Needs – physiological to self-actualization
  • Conformity Theory – modeling attitudes, beliefs and behavior
  • Cognitive Dissonance – identifying with an object through accumulative support (positive for object of identity versus negative connotations for competitive objects)
  • Diffusion of Innovations – innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards


  • Institutional Theory – foundations of societal growth
  • Democracy Theory – “For the People,” public participation; contrasted with authoritarian and totalitarian theories
  • Market Theory – economics
  • BICEPT Theory (barriers, information, competitive/cooperative, externalities, public/private, transaction costs) a total market behavior perspective set in a framework of government policies (rules, regulations, and laws) impacting how a group or business enterprise operates in the context of IPOF (input, process, output, feedback)
  • Technical analysis of market behavior with Fibonacci analysis, golden ratio and statistical applications of moving averages and standard deviations


  • Buddhism concepts – suffering, attachments, middle of the road, compassion and happiness joined with the scientific mind.
  • Christianity – The Kingdom is within.